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Dharma Talks

small-buddha-daffodilsWe maintain a library of over 2,000 recorded Dharma talks given at Gaia House, where experienced meditation teachers explore the meanings of the teachings of the Buddha (Dharma) and how they can be applied to our lives today.

These talks are available to those who are on Personal and Work Retreat at Gaia House. There is a computer in the library where you can download talks onto the MP3 Players provided. Please do not bring any personal devices into the library e.g. laptops, Smartphones, Memory Sticks or MP3 Players.

Gaia House Dharma talks are available via the DharmaSeed website – a small non-profit organisation, dedicated to preserving and sharing the spoken teachings of  Theravada Buddhism. There you can access all of the Dharma talks given at Gaia House since we started recording digitally in 2006. We are slowly digitising and uploading our pre-2006 cassette tape library, so that older talks will gradually become available.

Listen now to Dharma Talks given by Gaia House Meditation Teachers, either by searching the Dharma Seed website or playing one of the selected talks below.

Donate to Gaia House: Talks are offered freely, however a small donation will help cover administrative and materials costs and enable us to continue to make these talks available in the future. Gaia House suggests a minimum donation of £2 per talk – or whatever you can afford.

Donate to Dharma Seed: Dharma Seed act as a host for our talks. Please note that donations given via the Dharma Seed website will go solely to Dharma Seed.

Order Dharma talks on CD - click to open

If you prefer to use CD’s, please see how to order below. Gaia House aims to keep charges as low as possible, and the income received simply covers the cost of recording and distributing the talks.

UK Orders:

  • Please send a cheque with a letter clearly outlining your order to:
    Faith Burch, Dharma Talks, Gaia House, West Ogwell, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 6EW.
  • Cheques should be made payable to ‘Gaia House Trust’.
    • Up to 3 CDs: £5.50 each
    • 4 or more CDs: £5.00 each
    • MP3 files on a CD: £3 per talk (minimum order of 2 talks)

Rest of the World Orders:

  • To Order: Please email Faith Burch and request instructions on how to pay:
    • Up to 3 CDs: £6.00 each
    • 4 or more CDs: £5.50 each
    • MP3 files on a CD: £3.20 per talk (minimum order of 2 talks)

We do not take credit card payments for CDs.
Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

If you need more information before ordering, please email Faith Burch at ku.oc.esuohaiagnull@sklatamrahd

Listen now to Dharma Talks given on Gaia House Meditation Retreats:

  • To play the talks on this page, click on the title.
  • To pause the talk, click again.
  • To download, click the download link (or right click and “Save Link/Target As…”)
  • Note: If the talk does not play, please try the ‘Listen on Dharma Seed’ link. (Opens in a new window.)

Caroline Jones Compassion This talk explores the need for compassion
and considers what helps and hinders its arising.
Listen on Dharma Seed.
Catherine McGee The Four Elements – Your Body, Your Mind, This Earth
Listen on Dharma Seed.
Christina Feldman Where Does it all Go Wrong?
Listen on Dharma Seed.
Jenny Wilks The Ending of Suffering The Four Noble Truths show how understanding the nature
and causes of dukkha can bring it to an end, in relation to
both minor
and major difficulties in life.

Listen on Dharma Seed.
Kirsten Kratz On Perception – Part One Meditation can show us the immense power of our perceptions
on how we perceive this life and are in this world.
Some mode of perception is present
in each moment of our experience 
and this talk explores how we can use this
understanding to our advantage 
and to live more freely.
Listen on Dharma Seed.
Martine Batchelor Attention and Perception An exploration of concentration and anchoring,
and also of perception and how we perceive, with a link to experiential enquiry.
Listen on Dharma Seed.
Paul Burrows The Three Characteristics
Listen on Dharma Seed.
Rob Burbea Questioning Awakening This talk is the first of three parts:
Part 2 is “Buddhism Beyond Modernism“; Part 3 is “In Praise of Restlessness
Listen on Dharma Seed.
Ruth King Movements of Mind
Listen on Dharma Seed.
Stephen Batchelor An Ethical Life
Listen on Dharma Seed.
Yanai Postelnik Trusting in Your Human Goodness
Listen on Dharma Seed.
Zohar Lavie Guided LovingKindness (Mudita) Meditation
Listen on Dharma Seed.

Donation for Downloaded Dharma Talks

Gaia House suggests a donation of £2 per downloaded talk. Your kind offering will enable us to continue to make these talks available in the future.

Please fill in the amount you would like to donate, and click on "Add to Basket"

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Creative Commons License
Talks from Gaia House are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.
Based on recordings at Gaia House.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from ku.oc.esuohaiagnull@nimda