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Ways we can support you


In the tradition of the Buddha, all Dharma teachings are offered freely and many people offer their time and skills as unpaid volunteers to help the work of Gaia House.

This helps us to keep the Standard rate for retreats and courses as low as possible and simply covers our operating costs. For the financial health of the Gaia House community we need those who can, to pay the Standard rate.

At the same time, we are committed to ensuring that Dharma teachings are available to all who wish to participate in our programme, irrespective of financial circumstances. It is very important to us that Gaia House is open to all.

We have a number of options available to help make participation more accessible if the Standard rate is too high, and we welcome people to make use of these options. They are financed by donations from other meditators, cancellation fees and funds raised through the group retreat Sponsor rate.

Our various Financial Assistance options are outlined below:

Supported rate (for Group retreats only)

  • A subsidised rate for group retreats, available to anyone for whom the Standard rate is too high.
  • The Supported rate can be booked online or by phone – simply select the ‘Supported rate’ option when booking your retreat online, or ask our Reception team. We will not ask you for any financial details.

Financial Assistance and Bursaries Fund (FAB Fund)

If further financial support is required we invite you to fill in a short, confidential application form for support from our FAB Fund, which offers a 50% reduction on the Standard rate.

The FAB Fund offers support for:

The FAB fund option is not means tested.
For more information and an application form, please call our Reception team on 01626 333613.

Further financial support to come on retreat:

If the FAB Fund rate does not offer enough support for you to be able to participate, please let us know. You can contact our Admin Manager on admin@gaiahouse.co.uk or by phone on 01626 335256, who will explain how to apply for further funding. We really want to ensure that Gaia House is accessible to all.

Other low cost options:

  • Young persons rate

For young people aged 18-25 years for whom the financial cost of coming on retreat is too high. There are a limited number of reduced cost places (70% off the Standard rate) available on most group retreats.
To check availability and book your place, please call our Reception team on 01626 333613.

  • Summer camping

During the summer months we offer a small number of camping places at a reduced rate for those attending our group retreats only. You need to bring a small (1 or 2 person) tent and all your own camping equipment.
To check availability and rates, please email our Reception team on info@gaiahouse.co.uk or call us on 01626 333613.

  • Work retreats

Work retreats offer the opportunity to integrate your meditation practice with the activities of daily life. The work you offer directly contributes to the well-being of the Gaia House community and is a very low cost retreat option.
Find out more about Work retreats.
Current Work retreat rates.

Supporting others to access Dharma teachings:

If you have benefited from your connection with Gaia House, donating to the Financial Assistance and Bursaries Fund (FAB Fund) is a wonderful way to express generosity towards people who require the FAB Fund in order to participate at Gaia House. Donations of any amount are always gratefully received.

To make a donation please select ‘Financial Assistance and Bursaries Fund’ (FAB Fund) in the drop-down menu on the Donations page.

Or: Choose the Sponsor rate: select ‘Sponsor Rate’ in the drop down menu, when booking your group retreat online or notify us when you book by phone or post.

Please note that the Sponsor rate includes a donation to the Financial Assistance and Bursaries Fund, which is non-refundable. Thank you for your generosity.