Remembering Rob

5 September 1965 — 7 May 2020

Reflections from Ruth – Rob’s sister

My earliest memory is standing with Rob on the day that my youngest brother was born. We were all born within three years of each other with Rob born in September 1965.  I can’t remember him not being there.  We lived in London on a quiet street where we were often...

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Reflections from Narayan Liebenson – Teacher and friend

Rob was an unusual student, to say the least. I think that his peers at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center, in Cambridge, MA, would say the same; they appeared inspired and even awed by his passionate search for the truth. He had come to the U.S. to study at the...

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Stone placed on Rob's grave.

In memory of Rob Burbea, from the Triratna Community

Many people in the Triratna community were saddened at the news of Rob Burbea's death earlier this month. We have gained much from his teachings and feel gratitude and connection to him. What follows appeared as an appreciation of Rob in Triratna News, which we wanted...

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Poem from Andy Wimbush — Student

Sometimes the great souls die too soon for Rob Burbea   Here’s old man Shakyamuni, shaky now, although, for sure, unshackled shuffling, shoved along, strapped up, he says, like an old cart. Thus come. Thus gone. Thus going, still. But sometimes the great souls...

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Reflections from Robert Brodrick – Student and friend

Rob lived the last half of his life with death firmly in mind. Whilst he was resident teacher at Gaia House, he once drove a human skeleton in the back seat of his car all the way from London, in order to aid retreatants' contemplation of mortality.  He insisted that...

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