Complaints procedure

The Gaia House teachers, staff and trustees are committed to ensuring that your retreat experience here is as supportive and beneficial as possible. We welcome your feedback in order to help us improve the service we offer to retreatants. General feedback and suggestions may be offered via the Feedback Forms, which are available at the end of retreats.

If there is any aspect of the service you receive at Gaia House that is not in accord with our published policy, or falls short of our undertakings, please bring this to our attention as soon as possible, and we will attempt to address it. If we are not able to resolve the situation to your satisfaction, you may bring a formal complaint.

A formal complaint can be made by you, or your representative, to the Director, who is responsible for investigating complaints. Complaints will be dealt with on a confidential basis and should be made in writing or by email, addressed to:

The Director
Gaia House Trust
Gaia House
West Ogwell
Newton Abbot
Devon TQ12 6EW


Your complaint will be acknowledged, and you will be informed as to when you can expect a response from the Director – usually within 14 days. You (or your representative) will be contacted directly by the Director as part of the investigation.

In some cases the need for investigation or disciplinary procedures may require some time and you will be informed of the expected timeline. When the Director has completed their investigation you will be informed as to the outcome.

If you are not satisfied with the Director’s investigation and determination of your complaint, you may appeal to the Chair of Trustees. If for any reason it is not appropriate for the Director to deal with the complaint initially, it will be directed to the Chair of Trustees from the outset. The Director and Chair are responsible to the Gaia House Trustees for their decisions.

If the complaint concerns a breach of the ethical guidelines for teachers and staff, it will be referred to the Ethical Ombudsperson; an independent individual available to support the hearing and resolution of complaints regarding ethical issues. Complaints concerning ethical issues may also be made directly to the Ethical Ombudsperson.

Reviewed September 2017