Committed Practitioners’ Programme (CPP)

stairs-looking-upWith teachers John Peacock, Christina Feldman, Stephen Batchelor, Akincano M. Weber,Jaya Rudgard,Christoph Köck and Yuka Nakamura.

A two-year advanced course offered by Bodhi College, consisting of six modules and two retreats in Holland and Switzerland.

December 2021 – Autumm 2023. Limited spaces available.

Committed Practitioners Programme 2021-23

The Buddha envisaged a path that led directly to its culmination in a deeply ‘embodied’ understanding of the Four Ennobling Truths (ariya sacca) and the freedom entailed in such a realisation. Such a path addressed every dimension of a human being’s existence by pulling together the various facets of their personality – emotions, intellect, reason, passion and energy – and directed them at the consummation of the goal.

The Committed Practitioners’ Programme is an integrated approach to the study and practice of the Dharma that is rooted in the Buddha’s teaching of the path to liberation. The opportunity to, 1) study the texts (pariyatti), 2) develop and cultivate our experiential understanding of the teaching (patipatti) and investigate how they apply to our meditation practice and daily life and 3) understand what is meant by realisation (pativedha), will orient the programme.

The CPP offers a number of different, yet interwoven strands within its framework – teaching, discussion, community, reflection and investigations applied in our daily lives. All participants will have previous experience with Dharma practice and a working knowledge of core Buddhist concepts. The programme is an opportunity for students to learn and practice together. One of the intentions of this two-year programme is to encourage participants to embed the teaching in every area of their lives.

When I first considered the Committed Practitioner Programme I wondered how I would fit it into a busy life. I asked a Gaia House teacher who knew me and the CPP. She had previously said of the busyness “you need to do less;” but now of the CPP programme she said, “absolutely, you should do the CPP.” Over the two years I have found many aspects of my life transformed by what I have learned. I have gone from seeing Pali and the suttas as impenetrable, to coming to love learning what they have to offer. The course had the added bonus of introducing me to a rich and diverse community of teachers and students.”

(Willem Kukyen, 2011-12 participant)

The six modules are held at  ITC Naarden in Holland,  and offer an in-depth exploration of the teachings of the Buddha. These modules include sustained blocks of teachings and discussion, delivered in English. Times for questions and several sittings each day are scheduled. There are periods of silence during two of the meals each day. Modules begin with dinner on the first evening and after lunch on the final day. The modules offer plenty of opportunity for the programme participants to interact and are intended to foster community as well as peer relationships.

The two retreats are held at  Beatenberg retreat centre in Switzerland. Both week-long retreats have a study practice format, and are held in silence apart from the teaching sessions.

For further information, please visit: Bodhi College 2021 Programme

“The programme has been practical, challenging and inspiring. The suggested readings and reflections have woven the course modules into daily life and offered sustenance in meeting the ‘good, bad and ugly’ on a moment-to-moment basis. The course has been enriched by the patience and generosity of the teachers, and by the dedication and tenacity of fellow students.”

(River Wolton, 2011-12 participant)