Lift share message board

We encourage all retreatants to make use of this messaging board to arrange car/taxi shares from Newton Abbot or further afield, to help reduce the carbon footprint of your journey.

  • Access to the message board is password protected.  However, please take steps to ensure that you are safe and that people are genuine before meeting or giving out personal information.  Please check your retreat confirmation email for the password, or email if you cannot locate it.
  • Returning from Gaia House: On the last day of each group retreat there is a session especially for organising lifts and taxi shares back to Newton Abbot.

Leaving a Message

  • Select your retreat from the list below.
  • For personal and work retreats please click here.  Alternatively if your retreat starts or ends on a group retreat date you are welcome to use the group’s message board.
  • For the International Vipassana Teachers’ Conference please click here (28 June – 2 July 2020)

Upcoming Retreats


September 2019

2-9 September
The Four Immeasurables
Jenny Wilks and Zohar Lavie

13-16 September
Mindfulness:  Beyond the Eight-Week Course
Jenny Wilks and Vici Williams

22-29 September
Mindfulness, Insight, Liberation:  MBCT/MBSR Foundations
Christina Feldman and John Peacock


October 2019

4-9 October
Awakening in Stillness and in Movement:  Yoga and Meditation
Martin Aylward and Gail Aylward

15-20 October
The Heart of Wisdom and Kindness
Yanai Postelnik

25-27 October
Wisdom Born of Stillness
Ajahn Brahm


November 2019

1-6 November
Insight Meditation and Yoga
Yanai Postelnik and Helen Stephenson

10 November
Meditation Day: Liberation Through Kindness
Ven Canda

15-22 November
The Beauty of Being
Leela Sarti

29 November – 2 December
The Path of Insight Meditation
Yanai Postelnik

December 2019

8-13 December
To Be in the World, To be Touched by Life
Kirsten Kratz and Jaya Karen Rudgard

17 December – 8 January 2020
Practising the Jhānas
Rob Burbea