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Dharma Talks given on Gaia House Meditation Retreats:
Selected new talks are added here every few months.

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Caroline Jones Right Speech Right Speech 
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Christina Feldman Standing at the Crossroads   Standing at the crossroads  
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Jenny Wilks The Two Arrows  Pain and Reactivity, the Two Arrows
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Kirsten Kratz Ways of Being in the World (part 1) – Taking the stance of Loving-kindness  Ways of Being in the World (part 1) – Taking the stance of Loving-kindness
Cultivating the stance of Loving-kindness.
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Martine Batchelor Being with and Letting Go  Being With and Letting Go – Being with and letting go. Taken from the retreat Secular Buddhist Meditation.
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Rob Burbea Am I free to inquire?  Am I free to inquire?
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Stephen Batchelor Secular Wisdom Secular Wisdom  
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Yanai Postelnik Meditation on Loving Kindness  Meditation on Loving Kindness towards our body 
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Zohar Lavie  Emptiness and Interconnectedness  Emptiness and Interconnectedness
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Chris Cullen  Mindfullness Insight Meditation  Resourcing, Grounding, Appreciating, Collecting and Trusting
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Brad Richecoeur Potentials of Body, Heart and Mind  Potentials of the Body, Heart and Mind
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We maintain a library of over 2,000 recorded Dharma talks given at Gaia House, where experienced meditation teachers explore the meanings of the teachings of the Buddha (Dharma) and how they can be applied to our lives today.

Gaia House Dharma talks are available via the DharmaSeed website – a small non-profit organisation, dedicated to preserving and sharing the spoken teachings of  Theravada Buddhism. We have now almost finished digitising and uploading our pre-2006 cassette tape library, so older talks are also available. There you can access all of the Dharma talks given at Gaia House since we started recording digitally in 2006.

For talks from recent retreats please click here.

If you are on a Personal or Work Retreat at Gaia House, there is a computer in the library where you can download talks onto the MP3 Players provided. Please do not bring any personal devices into the library e.g. laptops, Smartphones, Memory Sticks or MP3 Players.

Listen now to Dharma Talks given by Gaia House Meditation Teachers, either by searching the Dharma Seed website (links below) or by playing one of the selected talks above.

Donate to Gaia House: Talks are offered freely, however a small donation will help cover administrative and materials costs and enable us to continue to make these talks available in the future. Gaia House suggests a minimum donation of £2 per talk – or whatever you can afford.

Donate to Dharma Seed: Dharma Seed act as a host for our talks. Please note that donations given via the Dharma Seed website will go solely to Dharma Seed.

Donate to a teacher: To donate to individual teachers go to the specific teacher’s page on Dharma Seed.

If you would like to order Dharma talks on CD, please email Faith Burch on dharmatalks@gaiahouse.co.uk


Donation for Downloaded Dharma Talks

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Gaia House suggests a donation of £2 per downloaded talk. Your kind offering will enable us to continue to make these talks available in the future.

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