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Dharma Talks

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Dharma Talks given on Gaia House Meditation Retreats:
Selected new talks are added here every few months.

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Caroline Jones Taking Refuge Taking Refuge –  Taken from the November Solitary retreat.  This talk encourages us to find our own way of connecting with the traditional Buddhist refuges of Buddha, Dharmma and Sangha.
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Catherine McGee An Image of Love  An Image of Love  Listen on Dharma Seed.

A short reflection on how to find an image to work with in your meditation of someone or something whose gaze you trust.

Following this you can go to the guided meditation that follows on from this initial exercise:  Practising with your Imaginal Figure of Love

28-07-2016 55:04
Christina Feldman The Four Sublime Abidings   The Four Sublime Abidings  A reflection upon the power of kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity as pathways of awakening.
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Jenny Wilks The Five Recollections  The Five Recollections  – How contemplating the inevitability of loss and change can support us in living skilfully and well.
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Kirsten Kratz Becoming Part of the Healing  Becoming Part of the Healing This talk explores some of the ways our practice can support, guide and nourish us in times of great challenge and uncertainty and how our inquiry and understanding can be an important part of the healing needed.
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13-11-2016 53:40
Martine Batchelor The Heart of Meditation  The Heart of Meditation – Cultivating anchoring and experiential inquiry.
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Rob Burbea Working with Thought in Meditation  Working with Thought in Meditation As meditators, it can be tempting to see the thinking mind as an enemy, but we can instead discover a wise and skillful relationship with it. This talk presents possible ways of working with the wide range of manifestations of thought: from papanca (proliferation) and obsession to creative, reflective and helpful thinking, to seeing the empty nature of all thought.
Listen on Dharma Seed.
Stephen Batchelor Enthusiasm: Reflections on ‘Right Effort’  Enthusiasm: Reflections on ‘Right Effort’  – Reflections on the meaning of ‘right effort’ in Buddhist practice as ‘enthusiasm.’ The traditional ‘four great efforts’ are here interpreted as another way of understanding the ‘four tasks,’ which is the way I understand the four noble truths.
Listen on Dharma Seed.
Yanai Postelnik The Fearless Heart  The Fearless HeartLoving-Kindness and compassion.
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 Chris Cullen  The Brahma Viharas – The Best Home for the Heart  The Brahma Viharas – The Best Home for the Heart – An introduction to the four cultivations of Kindness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy and Equanimity, which have the potential to support and hold us through all of life’s experiences.
Listen on Dharma Seed.


Jake Dartington  Four Noble Truths  Four Noble Truths – An accessible introduction to the Buddha’s teaching on the Four Noble Truths, reflecting on how we can understand and let go of the causes of struggle in our lives.
Listen on Dharma Seed.


Jaya Karen Rudgard Gratitude and Generosity  Gratitude and Generosity – The joy of awakening.
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We maintain a library of over 2,000 recorded Dharma talks given at Gaia House, where experienced meditation teachers explore the meanings of the teachings of the Buddha (Dharma) and how they can be applied to our lives today.

Gaia House Dharma talks are available via the DharmaSeed website – a small non-profit organisation, dedicated to preserving and sharing the spoken teachings of  Theravada Buddhism. We have now almost finished digitising and uploading our pre-2006 cassette tape library, so older talks are also available. There you can access all of the Dharma talks given at Gaia House since we started recording digitally in 2006.

Please be aware that it can take up to eight weeks after a retreat has ended for the talks to become available on DharmaSeed.

If you are on a Personal or Work Retreat at Gaia House, there is a computer in the library where you can download talks onto the MP3 Players provided. Please do not bring any personal devices into the library e.g. laptops, Smartphones, Memory Sticks or MP3 Players.

Listen now to Dharma Talks given by Gaia House Meditation Teachers, either by searching the Dharma Seed website (links below) or by playing one of the selected talks above.

Donate to Gaia House: Talks are offered freely, however a small donation will help cover administrative and materials costs and enable us to continue to make these talks available in the future. Gaia House suggests a minimum donation of £2 per talk – or whatever you can afford.

Donate to Dharma Seed: Dharma Seed act as a host for our talks. Please note that donations given via the Dharma Seed website will go solely to Dharma Seed.

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Donation for Downloaded Dharma Talks

Gaia House suggests a donation of £2 per downloaded talk. Your kind offering will enable us to continue to make these talks available in the future.

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