Leave a gift in your will

Dear friend,

As I left Gaia House after a recent week-long retreat, I was struck once again by what an extraordinary gift this amazing place has been for me over the years and how much it has enriched my life. Mind you, I don’t find meditation any easier but through Gaia House, I have certainly obtained a level of peace that I had never thought possible.

I have been coming here for 25 years, both as a retreatant and as a long-time member of the Gaia House Board of Trustees. Both experiences have enabled me to appreciate the levels of support received as a yogi and the commitment of all those who contribute in different ways to making Gaia House’s offering so unique.

Now, well into my eighties and at a somewhat more reflective stage of life, I try to keep in touch with those organisations that have been important to me over the years and I’ve decided that one way of doing this is to include them in my will.

As an academic, I was lucky enough to earn a respectable living doing work I loved and which I hope will have contributed some good to the world.  By including a gift in my will, I hope to help the organisations that are dear to my heart continue to thrive, when I am no longer around. It is a way to say thank you.

Perhaps my future support to Gaia House can also be seen as a tiny part of the universal stream of good intentions that has kept the teaching of the Buddha alive and flourishing for 2,500 years.

If you, like me, have already included Gaia House in your will, thank you!  If this is something you are considering, please download Gaia House’s useful Will-making Information Pack. It’s also important to consult a solicitor.

For more information, or to request a copy of the pack by post, please contact Hannah Seyfert, Communications Manager: comms@gaiahouse.co.uk

With much metta,

Douglas Stoddart

Before making any decisions about leaving a gift in your will, please consult a solicitor.