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zafusFurther news, notices and events from Gaia House and the wider Buddhist community:

If you have any events, news or reports from a Meditation Group connected to Gaia House or about any Sangha community activity, please email the details to and we will publish it here.


Bristol Insight Meditation

On Emptiness, Self, Not-self and Personality
Led by Suvaco

Whole day: Saturday 6th January 2018 10.00 to 16.00.
St Michaels on the Mount Parish Hall, St Michaels on the Mount School, Old Park Hill, off Perry Road, Bristol BS2 8BE.

Evening sessions: Wednesdays – January 10, 17, 24* and 31st
from 18.45 to 21.15 at the Unitarian Meeting Hall, Brunswick Square, Bristol BS2 8PE.
* This session will be peer led, with guidance from Suvaco given beforehand.

About the course
While some of us resonate deeply with the liberating teachings on emptiness, we may at times find ourselves perplexed and hesitate to radically engage with this core aspect of Buddhist teachings and not recognise how we limit our practice. Typically the ‘self’ or “ego” is regarded as the hindrance to realising liberation, happiness and peace.

This five-week course is an exploration into an ever deepening journey of understanding about emptiness and how it can bring forth profoundly liberating insights transforming the way we perceive self, other, and act in the world. Emphasis will be placed on developing creative ways of approaching a clear stable focus from where it is possible to inquire into the intimate connections between emptiness and the power of perception, while we develop strategies to release us from our self obsessive tendencies.

Suitable for experienced practitioners and newer practitioners who already have a grounding in the basics of Insight meditation.


‘Open Hand’ rate: £80 (supports people on a low or no income to attend)
Standard rate: £60 for those who are waged or have other income
Reduced rate: £30 for those who are on low incomes
Costs cover the venue, insurance, refreshments and Suvaco’s considerable travel and travel time costs.
A limited number of sponsored places will be available.

Dana: In keeping with Buddhist tradition participants are invited to express our gratitude for the teaching by offering donations (Dana). We will explain more about this on the course.

For more details or to discuss a sponsored place please contact Mannie on 07952 662 552 or email:

To book visit:

Oxford Insight Meditation: 2018 day retreat schedule

27 January: Jake Dartington
10 March: Chris Cullen
21 April: Kirsten Kratz
2 June: Jaya Rudgard
21 July: Zohar Lavie
22 September: Mark Ovland
20 October: Bhante Bodhidhamma
1 December: Catherine McGee

Seven-day Insight Dialogue Retreat: The Synergy of Meditation, Wisdom and Relationship
13-19 June 2018
With Phyllis Hicks and Rosalie Dores
At Chateau de Magny en Moran, Magny, France

Silent practice with carefully guided Insight Dialogue meditation, Dharma talks, mindful movement, and time in nature, all within the container of noble silence. Suitable for experienced practitioners of mindfulness meditation. Click here for more information and to apply online.

Friends of Gaia House
A new way to help shape our work and future

Diana Parratt, Co-Director

Friends of Gaia House logoA ‘Friends of Gaia House’ scheme has been on our wish list for some time now, and we are really pleased to be bringing it forth at last.  My own journey with Gaia House began in 2005, when I first attended a weekend retreat. Since then I have been a regular retreatant and have also had the pleasure of serving as a trustee for three years. Most recently, I have been devoting my energies to planning and implementing Gaia House’s development activities, in conjunction with our Co-Director, Siggi Streat.

My connection with Gaia House has been an experience shared with many different people and groups, and I have witnessed significant changes to the organisation over the years. Yet the beautiful, silent heart of Gaia House beats on, and it is wonderful to see both new and familiar faces returning – whether to come on retreat, teach, volunteer with us or join our team of coordinators, non-residential staff and trustees.

The fact that the ebb and flow of impermanence is as much part of life here at Gaia House as elsewhere highlights the fact that the future of this precious and greatly-valued resource for connection, self-development and Dharma learning cannot be taken for granted.

The aim of the ‘Friends of Gaia House’ is to celebrate the palpable and inspiring sense of community that exists across our sangha. It is another way for us all to feel part of this community, offering a chance to reaffirm the value that Gaia House continues to have for us, as a place we would like to see go on and thrive so that others may benefit from its opportunities as we have done.

It also offers the possibility of getting involved in Gaia House’s work in a variety of ways that all contribute to shaping its offerings and future plans.

friends-buddha-feetPart of supporting a sustainable future for Gaia House is about recognising that as a charity we need to become more skillful with regard to fundraising. We are very fortunate that the practice of Dana is already well established amongst our sangha members. Yet, interestingly, using the term ‘fundraising’ feels like a new departure for us as an organisation, and so it is natural that we feel tentative about it.

One aspect of our fundraising process which we would like to make more efficient is reducing the amount of admin time involved in processing donations, and this is why we have included making a regular financial contribution to Gaia House as an option when joining as a Friend.

Most of the donations we receive to date towards our General Fund and Financial Assistance and Bursaries Fund (FAB Fund) are given by retreatants at the end of their retreat. In 2015 donations towards our FAB Fund enabled us to make grants totalling £40,429 supporting 369 people to come on retreat at Gaia House who may otherwise not have had the financial means to do so. Similarly, donations of £23,414 towards our General Fund helped us pay for a new poly-tunnel, extending our growing season and increasing the range of home-grown food we are able to provide for our retreatants, as well as a makeover to the front of the house, including structural repairs to prevent deterioration of the building.

The generosity of our sangha members makes such an important difference to Gaia House’s work, not least in enabling us to keep retreat costs as low as possible. Our wish is to build on this support and encourage more people to shift from making one-off donations after retreat (to our FAB and General Funds) to committing to a more regular donation, via internet banking or standing order. This will significantly reduce the amount of time we spend processing donations, enabling the money we receive to go further, as well as helping with our cash flow and planning. We understand this may not suit all of you, so the usual channels for making donations after retreat will continue to be available.

The gift of service offered by our volunteers is another vital pillar in ensuring the sustainability of Gaia House’s work. We are very blessed in already having a committed group of local volunteers who give of their time so generously to help keep our doors open all year round. There are always plenty of tasks that need attending to in the house, so if you live locally and contributing some of your precious time is something you feel you could offer, you can register your interest in volunteering when joining as a Friend.

Facilitating greater involvement of our sangha members in determining the future of Gaia House will be a further cornerstone in ensuring our organisation’s longevity, and we really look forward to working with those of you that would like to get involved in consultation exercises around the key strategic issues and challenges we are facing. If you are interested in making a longer-term commitment to our strategic management, you can opt to receive information about future opportunities to join our Board of Trustees.

It is truly amazing to consider what Gaia House has become since it first opened its doors at the former site in Denbury in 1983. It is one of the longest established and most highly respected Insight Meditation retreat centres in the world, and the exciting part is, it is still growing and becoming, and you are all part of this.

The sense of belonging that comes with being part of an evolving and nurturing sangha serves not only our own personal development but also the ongoing growth of Gaia House. So in celebration of our wonderful community and the unique gift of the Dharma, I warmly encourage you to join the Friends of Gaia House – whether that means diving in with sleeves rolled up to offer service as a volunteer in our kitchen, or staying at the edge to watch what’s going on and maybe dipping into Friends activities at a later date. Please feel welcome however you wish to contribute your support. Without you dear Friends, we could not be the Gaia House we are today.


May the Friends of Gaia House be of service to the sangha and benefit all beings.

Please click here to sign up or find out more.

Rachel Davies, our Outreach Development Officer and a former Coordinator, offers an account of her experience of the coordinator role at Gaia House:

“Having worked as a coordinator, I can attest to many joyful aspects of living and offering service at Gaia House, and a central part of the experience was the opportunity to deepen in practice. Being immersed in a community where there are so many wholesome shared intentions is a rare blessing, and can’t be overstated as a support on this path. In Buddhist teachings, there are three ‘jewels’: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and whilst it’s possible to interpret these jewels in a variety of ways, there is certainly great recognition that, in walking this path, we need Sangha in some form – we need to walk side-by-side with others who also hold dear that which we hold dear.

In coming to Gaia House as a coordinator, one comes into an intentional Sangha which, as well as serving the awakening of all those who come to practise at Gaia House, also serves the awakening of each coordinator team member.

Life in community certainly has its challenges, and the work can sometimes be demanding. Running a large retreat centre asks a lot at times. However, I would like to take a moment to describe the many structures in place at Gaia House which support the coordinators in deepening and widening in practice, and which make the coordinator role a wonderful opportunity to prioritise Dharma practice.

As well as having resources like the meditation hall and library immediately to hand, there is also the opportunity to sign up for regular interviews with local teachers and develop an ongoing student/teacher relationship, which is something of a unique opportunity. There are fortnightly ‘Dharma Discussions’ where coordinators explore Dharma themes together with a teacher. These themes might be study-related, a form of inquiry, or an exploration of a particular Dharma theme and how it relates to living in community or being in relationship, for example. There is the opportunity to join in with retreats during time off, and also an annual coordinator retreat where the coordinator community all retreats together in the midst of the November Solitary month. In addition, there is of course the ongoing opportunity for discussion and learning from the wise community around you – fellow Dharma practitioners, visiting teachers. And, if this wasn’t enough…after a period of service, coordinators are given ‘Free Sitting Time’ – approximately eight weeks of retreat time at Gaia House for every year of service. The practice support therefore continues well after the end of a period of service.

Speaking for myself, the coordinator experience was deeply supportive and nourishing for practice. The work itself, my relationships with people, the challenges, daily life in fact, all became part of my practice and of equal importance to sitting on a cushion. I was able to join in with a number of retreats with visiting teachers in my time off, and I also found that framing the whole thing as an offering of service was a practice in itself, revealing layers of teachings. I learnt so much during that time, and carry the learnings with me still. And as well as making many sustaining Dharma friendships along the way, I was also able to do an extended period of retreat afterwards.

If you have an interest in awakening, if you are interested in finding ways for Dharma practice to both deepen and become central in the midst of daily living, and if you are interested in forging a relationship with Gaia House and becoming part of a Dharma community offering service then this is truly a golden opportunity.”

Find out more about becoming a coordinator.

Some feedback from those that participated in Creating Community – Creating Change: A Climate Change Engagement Retreat, which was organised by Gaia House in conjunction with Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement (DANCE) and held at Hill End, near Oxford in autumn 2015.

“The Hill End retreat was rather special – a definite sense of a community coming together and being nurtured.” Rufus Wondre

“I had such an uplifting time on this retreat. I felt like so much space was created for reflecting on all of the difficult feelings and sadness that come with the destruction of our world. I understand how switched off from this we can be, and how if we can get in touch with and allow these feelings, we can become completely engaged, acting with power and truth. Thank you so much for all of your love, organisation and everything else that went into this!” Lauren Goodey

“We were all glowing by the end of the weekend with great joy and gratitude for our time together.” Brigid Avison

“What a great retreat! Of all the great activities that took place that weekend, I’d only like to give feedback about Lindsay’s question: “If you give everything you have and it’s never enough; what can you do?” Each of us paired up with another retreatant to take turns asking our partner this question three times. Our first answer was to be a straightforward verbal response. Our 2nd answer was a nonverbal response, and the 3rd answer was to be nonverbal again but allowing the question to go deeper into our quiet. I still think about this question and I realise that my answer is full of negatives!

I will not quit!
I will not be angry and violent
I will not be depressed
I will not feel loss of hope
I will not lose my energy
I will not stop listening to others who do not agree with me
I will not make people ‘others’

What a beautiful primal question!” Gregory Ricks

“One great thing about the retreat was the rather improvisatory nature of its structure, and I did agree with what Suvaco (a facilitator) said about the importance of encouraging us all, even the ones of us who don’t consider ourselves leaders, to step up and start to organise for the first time. Often I’m the one who hangs back and lets others do the organising. But we all need to be leaders in these times. I felt on this retreat that the line between participant and facilitator was more permeable, which was great.”

“I had some very deep conversations with participants on the retreat. It’s great that there was space for that to happen. Often on Gaia House retreats, when silence breaks at the end, I don’t feel like engaging in conversation at that point. But as this retreat wasn’t silent, these conversations could happen – even if one could occasionally wish for more silence. Please organise more of these.” Kate Honey

Mindful Nation UK Report

The Mindful Nation UK Report was launched on 20 October 2015 by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on mindfulness.

The report is the result of a 12-month inquiry by the APPG on mindfulness into how mindfulness training can benefit UK services and institutions.

The report’s recommendations include:
– Commissioning Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) in the NHS for the 580,000 adults at risk of recurrent depression each year, in line with National Institute For Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines
– Creating three mindfulness Teaching Schools (to be selected by the Department of Education) to pioneer mindfulness teaching in schools
– Training government staff in mindfulness, especially in the health, education and criminal justice sectors
– Researching the use of mindfulness training for offender populations in the criminal justice system

Click here to view the report.

A new website for Rob Burbea

As many of you will be aware Rob Burbea, our resident teacher, is currently unwell.

We wanted to share the news that a website for Rob has now gone up – via one of our lovely former coordinators, Mark Ovland – for messages of support to be shared:

The website is a lovely way to offer support to Rob, stay updated as his situation unfolds and connect with each other.

The site also includes details of a daily and weekly sit to bring Rob into our thoughts and prayers, which you can join wherever you are in the world.

Offering Dana to Gaia House

A message from Stephen Batchelor about our Retreatant Support and General Funds.

From time to time Gaia House receives a particularly generous donation to support its ongoing activities and development. Recently, an anonymous donor gave us a significant sum, half of which was allocated to our Financial Assistance and Bursaries Fund, and half for our General Fund. Although our retreats are often full these days, we endeavour to keep our prices as low as we can in order to enable as many of you as possible to attend them. Donations to the Financial Assistance and Bursaries Fund help people who would otherwise be prevented from coming here because of financial hardship.

Having a full house also means that we incur extra costs in order to keep the place running smoothly and efficiently. In addition to supporting others to do retreats, your help by donating to our General Fund also enables us to plan more confidently for the future. At present, we are considering a number of long-term projects to improve the quality of our facilities and expand our outreach activities. We are therefore extremely grateful for whatever support, both financial and otherwise, you are able to offer. It makes a great difference.

Thank you.

Stephen Batchelor, Gaia House Trustee and Teacher.

An appeal from Catherine McGee

Nick Cape, coordinating for south hams volunteer services is reaching out to us to support the elderly and isolated near by. This can potentially bring benefits to all involved, and deepen our practice through the call of the heavenly messengers.
In Dharma, Catherine McGee

With cuts in health and social care, patients are now being sent home from hospital before they are completely ready.  The theory is that the community will care for them. This works well if they have family near by. If they don’t volunteers locally are asked to help.

In some areas, particularly Ashburton, Buckfastleigh, Ipplepen, and Newton Abbot, it has been difficult to find enough volunteers. So people are living with illness without visitors or support.

What can you do?

•    Visit someone as they come out of hospital, do some shopping and check how they are doing for the next few days
•    Or visit someone who is old and sick in the community on a regular basis (e.g a.short visit each week)

What is needed is friendship not medical support or personal care. Nick will put you in contact with your local community organisation, who know those who need support. They will  teach you what you need to do, and will also provide you with back up.

If you would like to find out more about this project please contact Nick Cape on 01548 821466 or – or see:

SanghaSeva Retreats
SanghaSeva offers retreats that bring together meditation and positive action in the UK and around the world. For more info on all forthcoming retreats visit

Freely Given Retreats

Freely Given Retreats is a newly formed charity run by a group of dedicated long-term practitioners, most of whom have worked as coordinators at Gaia House. Our vision is to make insight meditation retreats available to everyone regardless of their financial situation. We aim to do this by drawing on the generosity of the insight meditation sangha and by utilising the skills of teachers who lead retreats at Gaia House.

Further details at Freely Given Retreats

Bodhi Tree Brighton

Bodhi Tree Brighton is a charity that has its roots in the teachings of the Buddha and we are committed to supporting Buddhist practices and teachings.

For details of upcoming events, please see Bodhi Tree Brighton.

Sheffield Insight Meditation Retreats

Sheffield Insight Meditation offers retreats led by teachers associated with Gaia House, and regular groups for meditation practice and discussion. Sheffield Insight website for more information.