Regional events

Below is a list of day-retreats and longer retreats & courses run by organisations affiliated with Gaia House.

Several of the organisations listed also run regular sitting groups. Please visit our Local Meditation Groups page for further information.

Start DateLocationDurationTitleFaciliatorOrganiserWebsite
14/03/2020London1Meditation Day: Love and let goMartin AylwardLondon Insight
21/03/2020Bristol1Practising wisdom and compassion in turbulent timesChris CullenBristol Insight
28/03/2020Sheffield1Sangha SaturdaySheffield Insight
29/03/2020London1Meditation Day: Awareness and the path of human flourishingJohn PeacockLondon Insight
04/04/2020Oxford1Meditation DayJaya RudgardOxford Insight
05/04/2020London1Meditation Day: Meeting life – honouring the heart’s responsesKirsten KratzLondon Insight
16/04/2020Sheffield3 evenings and a Saturday morningMeeting the Inner Critic wiht tenderness, courage and humourRiver WoltonSheffield Insight
18/04/2020London1Workshop: Making whole: understanding mindfulness and inner awakeningJohn TeasdaleLondon Insight
25/04/2020London1Meditation Day: Finding the missing piece (Sat April)Ajahn SucittoLondon Insight
25/04/2020Sheffield1Meditation DayJaya RudgardSheffield Insight
26/04/2020London1Meditation Day: Finding the missing piece (Sun April)Ajahn SucittoLondon Insight
02/05/2020London1Earthcare Day (Joint event with Sanghaseva)Zohar Lavie & Nathan GlydeLondon Insight
09/05/2020Oxford1Meditation DayVenerable CandaOxford Insight
09/05/2020Bristol1Gratitude and joyJenny WilksBristol Insight
17/05/2020London1Meditation Day: Cultivating a wise and responsive heartZohar LavieLondon Insight
23/05/2020London3Course: The silence of the heartSuvacoLondon Insight
30/05/2020SheffieldSaturday pmSangha SaturdaySheffield Insight Meditation
06/06/2020Oxford1Meditation DayChris CullenOxford Insight
07/06/2020London1Meditation Day: Gratitude and joyJenny WilksLondon Insight
20/06/2020London1Sangha gathering – a picnicLondon Insight
21/06/2020London1Meditation Day: Boundless heart,­ vulnerable earth: dharma practice in the ecological and climate emergency Yanai PostelnikLondon Insight
04/07/2020Oxford1Meditation DayAnushka FernandopulleOxford Insight
05/07/2020London1Meditation Day: Trust, faith and confidence Stephen FulderLondon Insight
9/07/2020South Downs (nr Eastbourne)4Touched by This World: The Power of Connection, Contemplation and Action.Kirsten KratzGayle's RetreatsRetreat to Gayles
11/07/2020Bristol1Love in the time of extinctionYanai PostelnikBristol Insight
18/7/2020SheffieldSaturday pmSangha SaturdaySheffield Insight
25/07/2020London1Workshop: Facing death with eyes open – the challenge that awaits us allSuvaco & Sophie YoungLondon Insight
08/08/2020London1Meditation Day: Managing conflictAjahn AmaroLondon Insight
09/08/2020London1Meditation Day: Renunciation – blessed simplicityAjahn AmaroLondon Insight
05/09/2020Sheffield1Meditation DayZohar LavieSheffield Insight Meditation
05/09/2020London4Course: Right or consummate speechJohn PeacockLondon Insight
12/09/2020London1Workshop: Soulmaking dharmaCatherine McGeeLondon Insight
12/09/2020Bristol1Stretching the heart - liberating the heartKirsten KratzBristol Insight
19/09/2020Oxford1Meditation DayKirsten KratzOxford Insight
04/10/2020London1Meditation Day: Nirvana for everyoneStephen BatchelorLondon Insight
10/10/2020London1Meditation Day: Finding the missing piece (Sat Oct)Ajahn SucittoLondon Insight
10/10/2020Sheffield1Nourishment Day for Trustees, supporters and organisersSheffield Insight