Regional events

Below is a list of day-retreats and longer retreats & courses run by organisations affiliated with Gaia House.

Several of the organisations listed also run regular sitting groups. Please visit our Local Meditation Groups page for further information.

Start DateLocationDurationTitleFaciliatorOrganiserWebsite
11/05/19Oxford1 daySilent day retreatVenerable CandaOxford Insight
11/05/19Bristol1 dayInherent States with wellbeingMaura SillsBristol Insight
12/05/19London1 dayStopping for peace: finding steadiness in an unstable worldJaya Karen RudgardLondon Insight
18/5/19London1 dayMeditation Day: Living the dharma in difficult timesPhillip MoffittLondon Insight
26/05/19London1 dayImagination as a path of practiceStephen BatchelorLondon Insight
08/06/19Oxford1 daySilent day retreatCatherine McGeeOxford Insight
09/06/19London1 dayA heart full of peaceJake DartingtonLondon Insight
15/06/19Bristol1 dayThe Heart of MindfulnessJohn PeacockBristol Insight
29/06/19London1 dayMeditation in action; bringing positive action and spiritual practice together Nathan Glyde & Zohar LavieLondon Insight
30/06/19London1 dayMeditation Day: Dharma and activismSuvacoLondon Insight
05/07/19Knighton, Powys3 daysAwareness through Meditation and MovementAjahn JutindharoHill Cottage Retreat CentreFor further information please click here
or alternatively visit
06/07/19Sheffield2 day (non residential)Weekend RetreatZohar LavieSheffield Insight
06/07/19Oxford1 dayMeditation DayMark OvlandOxford Insight
14/07/19London1 dayMeditation Day: Waking up in LondonVince CullenLondon Insight
21/07/19London1 dayWorkshop: Fear and anxietyMaura SillsLondon Insight
27/07/19Chagford, Devon 5 dayDartmoor Walking and Meditation RetreatYanai PostelnikFurther information / booking:
10/08/19London1 dayMeditation Day: The four noble truthsAjahn AmaroLondon Insight
11/08/19London1 dayMeditation Day: Dependent originationAjahn AmaroLondon Insight
07/09/19London1 dayWorkshop: Cultivating compassion: Perspectives from early buddhist teachings and contemporary mindfulness-based approachesJake DartingtonLondon Insight
14/09/19Bristol1 dayA Path of wisdom and love Jake DartingtonBristol Insight
14/09/19Sheffield2 days (non residential)Weekend RetreatAjahn SucittoSheffield Insight
21/09/19London1 dayMeditation Day: Love me, love my monkey: Self acceptanceAjahn SucittoLondon Insight
21/09/19Oxford1 dayMeditation DayKirsten KratzOxford Insight
22/09/19London1 day Meditation Day: Love me, love my monkey: Self acceptance (for experienced practitioners)Ajahn SucittoLondon Insight
29/09/19London1 dayMeditation Day: Ground, body, breath, space - the art of knowing supportKirsten KratzLondon Insight
6/10/19London1 dayMeditation Day: Re-membering our lifeYania PostelnikLondon Insight
12/10/19Bristol1 dayA day with SuvacoSuvacoBristol Insight
19/10/19Oxford1 dayMeditation DayBhante BodhidhammaOxford Insight
26/10/19Sheffield2 day (non residential)Weekend RetreatCatherine McGeeSheffield Insight
3/11/19London1 dayWorkshop: Depression obscures our natural state of happinessMaura SillsLondon Insight
16/11/19London1 dayMeditation Day: A Question of MeaningChristina FeldmanLondon Insight
17/11/19London1 dayMeditation Day: Fabrication and non-fabricationChristina FeldmanLondon Insight
23/11/19Oxford1 dayMeditation DayYanai PostelnikOxford Insight
1/12/19London1 dayMeditation Day: Your body, buddha's bodyCatherine McGeeLondon Insight
15/12/19London1 dayMeditation Day: Pathways to happiness: cultivating attitudes of practice and living that nourish wellbeing and contentmentZohar LavieLondon Insight
15/12/19Bristol1 dayA day with Julia Wallond and Andrea HosfeldJulia Wallond and Andrea HosfeldBristol Insight