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Financial Help to go on Retreat

flower-rain-windowIn the tradition of the Buddha, all Dharma teachings are offered freely and many people offer their time and skills as unpaid volunteers to help the work of Gaia House.

The Standard Rate for retreats is kept as low as possible and simply covers our operating costs. For the financial health of the Gaia House community we need all retreatants who are able, to pay the Standard Rate – but we acknowledge that for some people this is not possible.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone has the chance to experience a Retreat at Gaia House, whatever their financial circumstances. For this reason we have various options, such as the Supported Rate, (see below) available for anyone who cannot afford the Standard Rate.

Financial support for retreatants:

  • The Supported Rate: The Supported Rate is a subsidised rate, lower than the Standard Rate and available to all who cannot afford the Standard Rate.
    • Simply select the ‘Supported Rate’ option when booking on-line, or request from Reception when booking by phone.
    • This rate is available on request and no financial details are necessary.

For those unable to afford the Supported Rate, additional financial assistance is available from the Retreatant Support Fund (see below).

Other low cost options such as the Young People’s Rate, Summer Camping, Work Retreats or Personal 90 Day Retreat Bursaries may be appropriate for some retreatants – please click the links for details of eligibility.

The Retreatant Support Fund (RSF):

The Retreatant Support Fund (RSF) was established to help anyone unable to meet the costs of going on retreat at Gaia House. It is financed by donations from other meditators, cancellation fees and the Sponsor Rate available for Group Retreats. It enables any retreatant to apply to pay a very much reduced rate for Group or Personal retreats.
Current Retreat Rates

If you cannot afford the Supported Rate and need further financial help to come on retreat, please apply to the Retreatant Support Fund (RSF), when you book.

If you feel unable to afford even this reduced rate, please contact us to discuss what you might be able to afford, as we are keen that cost does not prevent anyone from coming on retreat to Gaia House.

You may stay up to a maximum of 30 nights in any one year with a combination of Group or Personal Retreats at this special rate.

RSF is not available on-line – To apply for this rate, please contact our reception team for further details and an application form. Please be assured that information about your personal circumstances will not be required.

Helping other people to go on Retreat:

If you have benefited from your time at Gaia House, donating to the Retreatant Support Fund is a wonderful way to express generosity towards people who cannot afford the cost of a retreat. Donations of any amount are always very gratefully received.

  • Make a Donation: Select ‘Retreatant Support Fund’ (RSF) in the drop-down menu on the donations page.
  • Choose the Sponsor Rate: Select ‘Sponsor Rate’, in the drop down menu, when booking your Group Retreat on-line – or mention when you book by phone or post – and help ensure that Gaia House Retreats are available to everyone – regardless of financial circumstances. (Please note that the Sponsor Rate includes a donation to the Retreatant Support Fund, which is non-refundable.)

Current Retreat Rates
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