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Regional Events

Below is a list of day-retreats and longer retreats & courses run by organisations affiliated with Gaia House.

Several of the organisations listed also run regular sitting groups. Please visit our Local Meditation Groups page for further information.

Start DateLocationDurationTitleFaciliatorOrganiserWebsite
1/9/18London1 dayDomains of insight in early buddhist teachings and mindfulness based applicationsChristina Feldman & Chris CullenLondon Insight
04/09/18Dartmeet, Devon10 daysMeditation dayZohar Lavie and Nathan GlydeFreelyGiven
9/9/18Frome1 dayMindfulness as a path of awakeningJenny WilksFrome
14/09/18Manaton, Devon14 daysThe Poetry of Self - The poetry of not selfKirsten Kratz and SuvacoFreelyGiven
15/9/18Sheffield1 dayMeditation retreatYanai PostelnikSheffield
16/9/18Sheffield1 dayWalking retreat (follow on from the meditation day 16/9/18)Yanai PostelnikSheffield
22/09/18Oxford1 daySilent retreat dayMark OvlandOxford Insight
29/9/18London1 dayA sea of suffering, a call to action, an always available refugeGregory Kramer & Rosalie DoresLondon Insight
30/9/18Sharpham, Devon6 daysDeep Enquiry into the Heart & MindLaura BridgemanSharpham
13/10/18Bristol1 dayA day of soulfulness practiceCatherine McGeeBristol
14/10/18London1 dayA day of soulfulness practice (for experienced practitioners)Catherine McGeeLondon Insight
14/10/18Sharpham, Devon6 daysThe Boundless Heart: Awakening through compassion, joy & easeJenny WilksSharpham
20/10/18Oxford1 daySilent retreat dayBhante BodhidhammaOxford Insight
21/10/18London1 dayInsight meditation in the Mahasi traditionBhante BodhidhammaLondon Insight
27/10/18Sheffield2 daysNon residential retreatCatherine McGeeSheffield
11/11/18Frome1 dayAwakening inner peace and freedomYanai PostelnikFrome
11/11/18London1 dayAwakening wisdom, peace and joyZohar LavieLondon Insight
17/11/18London1 dayBreaking the chain of reactivityChristina FeldmanLondon Insight
18/11/18London1 dayIdentify and non self (for experienced practitioners)Christina FeldmanLondon Insight
30/11/18Eastbourne3 daysAwakening Inner Peace and Freedom, Insight Meditation retreatYanai PostelnikGayles
01/12/18Oxford1 daySilent retreat dayCatherine McGeeOxford Insight
8/12/18Bristol1 dayCultivating care and wisdomZohar LavieBristol
9/12/18London1 dayThe unity of insight and compassionJohn PeacockLondon Insight
9/12/18Frome1 dayPathways to happinessZohar LavieFrome