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Sŏn Home Practice Retreat 20-24 April

With Stephen Batchelor and Martine Batchelor, assisted by Tony O’Connor

Retreat Description
In this online retreat we will seek a balance between the calm of open awareness and a focus of deep inquiry into the nature of our lives through the question ‘What is this?’ Equal emphasis will be given to traditional instructions and contemporary interpretation of the tradition.

If some people can join in all offerings this is wonderful, but you are welcome to join whichever sessions you can. Please be there 2 to 3 minutes before the beginning of the specific session you are able to attend.

Session times (UK BST)

Monday 20 April:
1.45pm – Help getting logged on with Zoom
2pm – 3pm Welcome & introduction (Stephen, Martine & Tony)
8pm – 8.45pm Meditation (Tony)

Tuesday 21 April to Thursday 23 April:
7am – 7.45am Meditation (Tony)
9am – 10.30am Instructions/sitting/discussion (Martine)
2pm – 3pm Talk (Stephen)
8pm – 8.45pm Meditation (Tony)

Friday 24 April:
7am – 7.45am Meditation (Tony)
9am – 10.30am Instructions/sitting/discussion (Martine)
2pm – 3pm Conclusion (Stephen, Martine & Tony)

Using Zoom
This online retreat will use the Zoom platform. For support with learning how to use Zoom, please click here to read the guidance we’ve put together on our website. Please read the first section, ‘Using Zoom’, before registering.

Please note that, during the retreat, all participants will be automatically muted by the host of the session. We will communicate by chat only, including for the discussion.

Registration for this retreat is now closed.

This retreat is offered without charge, and for those who feel moved to make a voluntary dana offering of financial support, the teachers and Gaia House are very grateful.

You can offer dana to Martine, Stephen and Tony here: https://martinebatchelor.org/#donation
You can offer dana to Gaia House here. Please click on ‘make a one-off donation’ and choose “General Fund” from the dropdown list.

With deep appreciation for your generosity and support.