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Personal Retreats – fixed dates

We are delighted to be able to offer the following personal retreats in August and September (we are not sure yet when we’ll be able to resume our usual personal retreat programme).

Many aspects of the retreat set-up and retreat environment will be familiar and well-known, while others will be new, and we hope to make your retreat at Gaia House as supportive as possible.

Below, you will find some more detailed information on how we hope to co-create as supportive and safe a retreat environment as possible, under the various covid regulations that may still be in place.

The following personal retreats are available to book at present:

18-21 August – Supported by Laura Bridgman

6-11 September – Supported by Laura Bridgman

Please note:

  • We will need everyone to commit to the full duration of their retreat; early or late arrivals won’t be possible at this time. Extra nights will also not be possible.
  • Places will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Because of the regulations around the pandemic, there is a requirement that you will need to have been based in the UK for 14 days prior to the retreat start date.

Experience required:

As with all our personal retreats, you need to have participated in at least two weeks’ teacher-led, Insight (Vipassana) or Zen meditation retreat in silence (either as two separate weeks or one continuous retreat of 14 days), not necessarily at Gaia House.


For 18-21 August
  • Standard rate: £270 Includes a donation to the General Fund, which will help sustain Gaia House into the future
  • Basic rate: £207 Covers the very basic costs of running the retreat
  • Supported rate: £171 A subsidised rate to support practice
For 6-11 September
  • Standard rate: £415 Includes a donation to the General Fund, which will help sustain Gaia House into the future
  • Basic rate: £320 Covers the very basic costs of running the retreat
  • Supported rate: £265 A subsidised rate to support practice


Full payment will be required on confirmation of a place. If a more flexible way of paying would support your personal circumstances, please contact us to discuss this: info@gaiahouse.co.uk

Financial Assistance and Bursaries Fund (FAB Fund):

We are offering one FAB-funded place per retreat. If you require financial assistance, please tick the Financial Assistance box on the application form and a member of our team will contact you. The FAB places will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

What to expect during the retreat:

  • You will be allocated a single room. Your room will be pre-allocated and we can only accommodate requests in relation to a medical need or health conditions. To help us organise the room allocation as smoothly and satisfactorily as possible, please submit any request prior to your arrival via the application form or via info@gaiahouse.co.uk
  • When you arrive we will explain more about the guidelines put in place for safe access of shared spaces, including the meditation hall.
  • As always, you are asked to have one meeting with the teacher during your retreat.
  • You will be allocated one bathroom which you will share with one other retreatant. The bathrooms will be cleaned daily. However, there may be additional protocols to follow regarding when shower facilities are available and cleaning after use.
  • To support the running of the house with a much smaller number of retreatants, we need to increase the working meditation period for the time being. Most likely there will be two separate hours of working meditation each day. We are sorry that we have to ask for this additional contribution from you and we very much hope that this can be a valued aspect of your retreat. The work periods will need to be pre-allocated; please inform us of any physical limitations and health conditions so that we can support you as needed.
  • Although normally we would discourage the use of mobiles whilst on retreat, within the current conditions it may be necessary to check for NHS Test and Trace messages once a day. If you wish, you can discuss with the teacher how to do this in a way that will be respecting and honouring your intention to be on retreat.
  • Please bring enough reusable face coverings for the duration of the retreat. Unless exempt for medical reasons, face coverings will need to be worn at all times whilst walking through communal areas and during working meditation periods. If you have a medical exemption, please mention this in the health condition section of the application form. Again, more details will be provided on arrival.
  • If you have covid-19 symptoms during your retreat, there will be a facility available for your isolation for a limited period. However, we need you to have a plan in place to enable you to continue your isolation away from Gaia House, i.e. if you have travelled by public transport you will need a friend or family member to collect you.

Food and dietary needs:

Gaia House offers a healthy, balanced vegetarian diet that may include eggs and dairy produce. Vegan, dairy-free and wheat/gluten-free options need to be requested prior to arrival. At lunch we also offer a ‘Simple Diet’ consisting of a gluten-free wholegrain, steamed vegetables and plain pulses, egg or tofu. This diet is intended to meet nutritional needs whilst being as plain as possible. The simple diet, including protein choices, also needs to be requested prior to arrival.

Due to covid-19 constraints, it is not possible for us to cater for any dietary need which differs from the above options and it is not possible for personal food supplies to be brought to Gaia House and stored.

Pre-arrival registration:

It may be necessary to arrange a pre-arrival telephone call to go through some pre-arrival questions and information 1 to 2 days before the start of your retreat. We will confirm details closer to the retreat start date.

Building work during 2021

To support more socially-distanced retreats in the short term and our development into the future, we are excited to have completed our new shower block, while work on our new Dartmoor Wing is progressing well. These two new buildings will double the number of single rooms and shower/toilet spaces we can offer to group retreatants, enabling our site to catch up with the vast numbers of people now visiting Gaia House each year, and help us increase accessibility. We will take all possible care to minimise disruption by scheduling noisier work to take place between retreats. However, there may be some noise at Gaia House during this time.


Cancellation terms & conditions:

If you find it necessary to cancel your booking due to covid-19 related reasons, a full refund will be available. In all other circumstances, our standard cancellation terms and conditions apply.

If there is an outbreak of covid within the residential staff community, the retreat will be closed early and a refund will be offered for the remaining days of the retreat.

How to apply:

If you wish to register your interest in attending a personal retreat, please email: info@gaiahouse.co.uk, with the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Confirmation that you have the required retreat experience
  • The dates you wish to attend

We will then send you a link to the online application form. We will email you back as soon as we can, but there may be a short delay and we appreciate your patience and understanding.