Meditation Days

Meditation at Gaia House

Meditation Day Dates: See Group Retreat Programme

A day of silent meditation practice, (including walking and sitting meditation), meditation guidance and a Dharma talk by a Gaia House teacher. Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome.

A delicious vegetarian lunch is provided. (Vegan, Non-Dairy, wheat-free/gluten-free and Simple Diet options are available on request.) Meditation mats, blankets, cushions and benches are available, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Please register between 8.30 and 9.15am; the day will start shortly after this, and will conclude at about 5pm.

The fee for Gaia House Meditation Days reflects just the basic cost of providing the facilities, managing and maintaining the centre. Teachings are offered freely by the teachers, many of whom rely on your generosity (Dana) for their livelihood. You will be given the opportunity to offer a voluntary donation to Gaia House and to the teacher(s) who have guided your meditation practice.

About Meditation Days at Gaia House:

A series of One Day Meditation Retreats are offered throughout the year. The themes are often the same as our Group Retreats (but with no overnight stay).

Newcomers are most welcome and full instruction is given. Meditation Days are good introductions for beginners – or equally can help to sustain and deepen a continuing personal meditation practice.

Meditation Days are an opportunity to spend a day in silence with sustained meditation practice, guidance from an experienced Gaia House retreat teacher and a Dharma talk (investigating teachings from the Buddha). Participation in retreats does not require you to identify yourself as a Buddhist, nor to subscribe to the principles of Buddhism – all you need is an interest in inner exploration and development.

Retreats offer time to explore serenity, wisdom and compassion through Insight Meditation and mindfulness in a supportive environment. The main emphasis is upon developing attention, sensitivity and awareness through sitting and walking meditation.

Regular, alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation ensure that you get plenty of time to stretch your legs and enjoy the beautiful house and grounds. Sitting meditation may be done on cushions or a meditation stool or bench, or you may wish to sit in a chair: you can use the posture you find most comfortable.
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During the day, please follow the Gaia House guidelines for conduct and refrain from engaging in all forms of verbal and written communication with other retreatants and the outside world. Please speak with the retreat teacher(s) only when appropriate, to ask questions and discuss your meditation experience, or with the staff if there are any essential practical matters you need to attend to.
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