Programme 2022 – online offerings

TypeRetreat TitleStart DateEnd DateNo of nightsTeacher/sSuitabilityAvailability
22202FebOnlineTransforming Self - Transforming World (5 week course)12/01/2209/02/225Kirsten KratzAllASpaces
22130JanResidentialExpanding Joy on the Path of Peace14/01/2216/01/222Nathan GlydeAllAWaiting List14411818604372
22131JanResidentialDana Retreat: Inner Peace and Fierce Compassion21/01/2224/01/223Yanai PostelnikSpecial criteriaCWaiting List5400000
JanOnlineCalm and Contented Heart – A Path of cultivating Samadhi22/01/2223/01/221Sari MarkkanenAllSave the date
22203JanOnlineAn evening with Anushka Fernandopulle27/01/2227/01/220Anushka FernandopulleAllASave the date
22132JanResidentialLingering in Happiness28/01/2203/02/226Zohar Lavie & Nathan GlydeAllALimited spaces3963305220119198
22201FebOnlinePenetrating the Veils — Exploring the Four Distortions of Perception (Vipallasa)04/02//2207/02/222Sister Santacitta & Laura BridgmanAllASpaces
22133FebResidentialEasing into the Middle Way08/02/2212/02/224Nathan GlydeAllASpaces264220348079132
22134FebResidentialBeing Touched by This World16/02/2221/02/225Kirsten KratzAllASpaces330275435099165
22135FebResidentialGrowing Dharma Roots25/02/2227/02/222Jaya RudgardAllASpaces14411818604372
22136MarResidentialThe Boundless Heart of Metta03/03/2207/03/224Zohar Lavie & Jake DartingtonAllASpaces264220348079132
22204MarOnlineFoundations of Dharma practice: what the Buddha taught07/03/2218/04/226Jenny Wilks & Laura BridgmanAllASpaces
22137MarResidentialCultivating a Path of Ease and Freedom11/03/2213/03/222Jenny Wilks & Venerable CandaAll especially beginnersA/BSpaces14411818604372
22138MarResidentialSettling with What Is17/03/2221/03/224Alan Lewis & Laura BridgmanAllASpaces264220348079132
22139MarResidentialA Seon Questioning and Listening Retreat26/03/2231/03/225Martine Batchelor & Katrin Auf der HeydeExperiencedESpaces330275435099165
22140AprResidentialStillness Moving: The Play of Opposites04/04/2209/04/225Kirsten Kratz & Jaya RudgardExperiencedESpaces330275435099165
22141AprResidentialInsight Meditation and Yoga13/04/2218/04/225Yanai Postelnik  & Helen StephensonAllALimited spaces330275435099165
MayResidentialMahasi retreat (weekend)
(to attend this retreat special criteria applies, please read the retreat description and requirements before booking)
06/05/2208/05/222Bhante Bodhidhamma & Carl FooksSpecial criteriaCSave the date
MayResidentialMahasi 9 night retreat
(to attend this retreat special criteria applies, please read the retreat description and requirements before booking)
06/05/2215/05/229Bhante Bodhidhamma and Carl FooksSpecial criteriaCSave the date
MayResidentialAllies for Liberation: the Five Indriya20/05/2230/05/2210Ajahn Sucitto & Laura BridgmanExperiencedESave the date
JunResidentialPractising with Earth - Awakening to our Ground03/06/2209/06/226Yanai Postelnik & Leela SartiAllSave the date
JunResidentialWork retreat13/06/2216/06/223Gavin MilneAllASave the date
JunResidentialCreative, Living Dharma : practising with the similes of the Buddha20/06/2226/06/226Jaya Rudgard & Caroline JonesExperiencedESave the date
JulResidentialExploring the Brahmaviharas: Kindness, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity01/07/2206/07/225Laura Bridgman & Ajahn JutindharoTBCSave the date
JulyResidentialA Path of Wisdom and Compassion21/07/2224/07/223Zohar LavieAllASave the date
JulResidentialThe Freedom of an Awakened Heart11/07/2217/07/226Zohar Lavie & Nathan GlydeAllASave the date
JulResidentialRainbow Dharma: a retreat for the LGBTQI+ community28/07/2201/08/224Katrin Auf Der Heyde, River Wolton and Bernat Font-ClosLGBTQI+CSave the date
AugResidentialJhanas, Insight, and Dependent Origination19/08/2229/08/2210Leigh BrassingtonExperiencedSave the date
SepResidentialEncountering the Practice of the Heart02/09/2208/09/226Jaya Rudgard & SumedhaAllASave the date
SepResidentialLiving with Illness and Loss
(This retreat is for people whose lives are touched by the theme of this retreat at present)
12/09/2216/09/224Zohar Lavie & Nathan GlydeSpecial criteriaCSave the date
SepResidentialMeditation Day19/09/2219/09/220Gavin MilneAllSave the date
SepResidentialMindfulness, Insight, Liberation: MBCT/MBSR Foundations23/09/2229/09/226Jenny Wilks & Jake DartingtonSpecial criteriaCSave the date
OctResidentialLiberating Ways of Looking03/10/2210/10/227Kirsten Kratz & Yahel AvigurESave the date
OctResidentialThe Heart that Abides in Emptiness21/10/2228/10/227Yanai Postelnik & Leela SartiESave the date
NovResidentialNovember Solitary01/11/2229/11/2228Yanai Postelnik, Kirsten Kratz & Laura BridgmanExperiencedESave the date
NovResidentialNovember Solitary01/11/2215/11/2214Yanai Postelnik, Kirsten Kratz & Laura BridgmanExperiencedESave the date
NovResidentialNovember Solitary15/11/2229/11/2214Yanai Postelnik, Kirsten Kratz & Laura BridgmanExperiencedESave the date
DecResidentialMeditation Day: All Kinds of Kindness12/12/2212/12/220Nathan GlydeAllASave the date
DecResidentialRetreat title to be confirmed16/12/2219/12/223Yanai PostelnikTBCSave the date