Programme 2022

Welcome to our 2022 programme of retreats held at Gaia House (Devon, UK) and online.

We are doing our best to create a supportive and safe retreat environment as possible under the covid regulations that are in place. Please click here for more information.

We will be adding more online retreats and courses during the year, which will be announced in our e-news, you can sign up here to receive our newsletters.


TypeRetreat TitleStart DateEnd DateNo of nightsTeacher/sSuitabilityAvailability
MayResidentialAllies for Liberation: the Five Indriya20/05/2230/05/2210Ajahn Sucitto & Laura BridgmanExperiencedESpaces
22216MayOnlineLivestreamed — Allies for Liberation: The Five Indriya: Dharma instructions and practice21/05/2229/05/229Ajahn Sucitto & Laura BridgmanExperience preferredSpaces
JunResidentialPractising with Earth - Awakening to our Ground03/06/2209/06/226Yanai Postelnik & Leela SartiAllLimited spaces
22209JunOnlineFeeling at Home12/06/2212/06/220Leela SartiAllSpaces
JunResidentialWork retreat13/06/2216/06/223Gavin MilneAllAWaiting list
22217JunOnlineReturning to Our True Home: Skillfully Moving Through Change, Loss and Disruption20/06/2220/06/221Kaira Jewel LingoAllSave the date
JunResidentialCreative, Living Dharma : practising with the similes of the Buddha20/06/2226/06/226Jaya Rudgard & Caroline JonesExperiencedESpaces
22218JulOnlineOpen for Insight — a spacious practice weekend01/07/2203/07/223Gavin MilneAllSpaces
JulResidentialExploring the Brahmaviharas: Kindness, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity01/07/2206/07/225Laura Bridgman & Ajahn JutindharoExperiencedFull
JulResidentialThe Freedom of an Awakened Heart11/07/2217/07/226Zohar Lavie & Nathan GlydeAllAFull
22207JulOnlineLive-streamed from Gaia House:  The Freedom of an Awakened Heart11/07/2217/07/226Zohar Lavie & Nathan GlydeAllSpaces
JulyResidentialA Path of Wisdom and Compassion21/07/2224/07/223Zohar LavieAllAWaiting list
JulResidentialRainbow Dharma: a retreat for the LGBTQI+ community28/07/2201/08/224Katrin Auf Der Heyde, River Wolton & Bernat Font-ClosLGBTQI+CLimited spaces
22154AugResidentialPursuing the Pleasure that will Set You Free05/08/2210/08/225Laura Bridgman & Ayya AnopamaExperiencedSpaces
AugResidentialJhanas, Insight, and Dependent Origination19/08/2229/08/2210Leigh BrassingtonExperiencedWaiting list
SepResidentialEncountering the Practice of the Heart02/09/2208/09/226Jaya Rudgard & Sumedha Hannah BagshawAllASpaces
SepResidentialLiving with Illness and Loss
(This retreat is for people whose lives are touched by the theme of this retreat at present)
12/09/2216/09/224Zohar Lavie & Nathan GlydeSpecial criteriaCSpaces
22215SepOnlineCultivating the Lovely17/09/2218/09/222Christina FeldmanAllSpaces
SepResidentialMeditation Day:  A Home in Awareness19/09/2219/09/220Gavin MilneAllSpaces361118
SepResidentialMindfulness, Insight, Liberation: MBCT/MBSR Foundations23/09/2229/09/226Jenny Wilks & Jake DartingtonSpecial criteriaCSpaces
22161OctResidentialLiberating Ways of Looking03/10/2210/10/227Kirsten Kratz & Yahel AvigurExperiencedLimited spaces
22162OctResidentialCompassion, Beauty and Imagination14/10/2216/10/222Catherine McGee & Yahel AvigurSpecial criteriaplease see retreat descriptionSpaces
OctResidentialThe Heart of Emptiness21/10/2228/10/227Yanai Postelnik & Leela SartiExperiencedWaiting list
NovResidentialNovember Solitary01/11/2229/11/2228Yanai Postelnik, Kirsten Kratz & Laura BridgmanExperiencedEWaiting list
NovResidentialNovember Solitary01/11/2215/11/2214Yanai Postelnik, Kirsten Kratz & Laura BridgmanExperiencedEWaiting list
NovResidentialNovember Solitary15/11/2229/11/2214Yanai Postelnik, Kirsten Kratz & Laura BridgmanExperiencedEWaiting list
DecResidentialMeditation Day: All Kinds of Kindness12/12/2212/12/220Nathan GlydeAllASpaces
DecResidentialBoundless Heart, Vulnerable Life16/12/2219/12/223Yanai PostelnikAllSpaces
22169DecResidentialNew Year's retreat28/12/2202/01/235Kirsten KratzExperiencedSave the date