Programme 2022

Welcome to our 2022 programme of retreats held at Gaia House (Devon, UK) and online.

We are now open for bookings until April 2022. Most of the remaining retreats will be open at the beginning of next year, with some exceptions that will be released six months before the start date.


TypeRetreat TitleStart DateEnd DateNo of nightsTeacher/sSuitabilityAvailability
22202FebOnlineTransforming Self - Transforming World (5 week course)12/01/2209/02/225Kirsten KratzAllASpaces
22130JanResidentialExpanding Joy on the Path of Peace14/01/2216/01/222Nathan GlydeAllAWaiting List14411818604372
22131JanResidentialDana Retreat: Inner Peace and Fierce Compassion21/01/2224/01/223Yanai PostelnikSpecial criteriaCWaiting List5400000
JanOnlineCalm and Contented Heart – A Path of cultivating Samadhi22/01/2223/01/221Sari MarkkanenAllSave the date
22203JanOnlineAn evening with Anushka Fernandopulle27/01/2227/01/220Anushka FernandopulleAllASave the date
22132JanResidentialLingering in Happiness28/01/2203/02/226Zohar Lavie & Nathan GlydeAllALimited spaces3963305220119198
22201FebOnlinePenetrating the Veils — Exploring the Four Distortions of Perception (Vipallasa)04/02//2207/02/222Sister Santacitta & Laura BridgmanAllASpaces
22133FebResidentialEasing into the Middle Way08/02/2212/02/224Nathan GlydeAllASpaces264220348079132
22134FebResidentialBeing Touched by This World16/02/2221/02/225Kirsten KratzAllASpaces330275435099165
22135FebResidentialGrowing Dharma Roots25/02/2227/02/222Jaya RudgardAllASpaces14411818604372
22136MarResidentialThe Boundless Heart of Metta03/03/2207/03/224Zohar Lavie & Jake DartingtonAllASpaces264220348079132
22204MarOnlineFoundations of Dharma practice: what the Buddha taught07/03/2218/04/226Jenny Wilks & Laura BridgmanAllASpaces
22137MarResidentialCultivating a Path of Ease and Freedom11/03/2213/03/222Jenny Wilks & Venerable CandaAll especially beginnersA/BSpaces14411818604372
22138MarResidentialSettling with What Is17/03/2221/03/224Alan Lewis & Laura BridgmanAllASpaces264220348079132
22139MarResidentialA Seon Questioning and Listening Retreat26/03/2231/03/225Martine Batchelor & Katrin Auf der HeydeExperiencedESpaces330275435099165
22140AprResidentialStillness Moving: The Play of Opposites04/04/2209/04/225Kirsten Kratz & Jaya RudgardExperiencedESpaces330275435099165
22141AprResidentialInsight Meditation and Yoga13/04/2218/04/225Yanai Postelnik  & Helen StephensonAllALimited spaces330275435099165
MayResidentialMahasi retreat (weekend)
(to attend this retreat special criteria applies, please read the retreat description and requirements before booking)
06/05/2208/05/222Bhante Bodhidhamma & Carl FooksSpecial criteriaCSave the date
MayResidentialMahasi 9 night retreat
(to attend this retreat special criteria applies, please read the retreat description and requirements before booking)
06/05/2215/05/229Bhante Bodhidhamma and Carl FooksSpecial criteriaCSave the date
MayResidentialAllies for Liberation: the Five Indriya20/05/2230/05/2210Ajahn Sucitto & Laura BridgmanExperiencedESave the date
JunResidentialPractising with Earth - Awakening to our Ground03/06/2209/06/226Yanai Postelnik & Leela SartiAllSave the date
JunResidentialWork retreat13/06/2216/06/223Gavin MilneAllASave the date
JunResidentialCreative, Living Dharma : practising with the similes of the Buddha20/06/2226/06/226Jaya Rudgard & Caroline JonesExperiencedESave the date
JulResidentialExploring the Brahmaviharas: Kindness, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity01/07/2206/07/225Laura Bridgman & Ajahn JutindharoTBCSave the date
JulyResidentialA Path of Wisdom and Compassion21/07/2224/07/223Zohar LavieAllASave the date
JulResidentialThe Freedom of an Awakened Heart11/07/2217/07/226Zohar Lavie & Nathan GlydeAllASave the date
JulResidentialRainbow Dharma: a retreat for the LGBTQI+ community28/07/2201/08/224Katrin Auf Der Heyde, River Wolton and Bernat Font-ClosLGBTQI+CSave the date
AugResidentialJhanas, Insight, and Dependent Origination19/08/2229/08/2210Leigh BrassingtonExperiencedSave the date
SepResidentialEncountering the Practice of the Heart02/09/2208/09/226Jaya Rudgard & SumedhaAllASave the date
SepResidentialLiving with Illness and Loss
(This retreat is for people whose lives are touched by the theme of this retreat at present)
12/09/2216/09/224Zohar Lavie & Nathan GlydeSpecial criteriaCSave the date
SepResidentialMeditation Day19/09/2219/09/220Gavin MilneAllSave the date
SepResidentialMindfulness, Insight, Liberation: MBCT/MBSR Foundations23/09/2229/09/226Jenny Wilks & Jake DartingtonSpecial criteriaCSave the date
OctResidentialLiberating Ways of Looking03/10/2210/10/227Kirsten Kratz & Yahel AvigurESave the date
OctResidentialThe Heart that Abides in Emptiness21/10/2228/10/227Yanai Postelnik & Leela SartiESave the date
NovResidentialNovember Solitary01/11/2229/11/2228Yanai Postelnik, Kirsten Kratz & Laura BridgmanExperiencedESave the date
NovResidentialNovember Solitary01/11/2215/11/2214Yanai Postelnik, Kirsten Kratz & Laura BridgmanExperiencedESave the date
NovResidentialNovember Solitary15/11/2229/11/2214Yanai Postelnik, Kirsten Kratz & Laura BridgmanExperiencedESave the date
DecResidentialMeditation Day: All Kinds of Kindness12/12/2212/12/220Nathan GlydeAllASave the date
DecResidentialRetreat title to be confirmed16/12/2219/12/223Yanai PostelnikTBCSave the date