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Message from the community living at Gaia House

Here is a beautiful message from the community that was living at Gaia House during 2020:

Dear friends,

We hope you are all getting the support you need and that you are finding creative ways to ride this wave we find ourselves on. You have been on our minds these last weeks and we wanted to send you some news from within Gaia House.

The last yogis having left, 13 of us now remain and are together the “Caretaker and Practice Community”, the guardians of the physical vessel called Gaia House, as well as the tenders of the fire of Dharma here during this time. There are six (almost-former) coordinators, six (former) retreatants, and Kirsten.

We marked the big shift in the inner life of Gaia House with a small but beautiful ritual in the Meditation Hall. There is no longer a daily schedule for the Hall, however, we meet there each evening at 6.45pm for a Metta meditation. If you like, please join us during this time, to weave with us a blanket of care and compassion.

Silence is still maintained as before, and the staff area is now a social space for all residents. And many other changes, small and large, continue to emerge. We have been creating systems and rhythms that hopefully support the upkeep of Gaia House, care for its people, and make a rich practice space for all within it.

You who cannot be physically present here – you are remembered often. The presence of your practice in Gaia House over all these years is felt and supports us in many ways.

Amidst all the upheavals, both emotional and practical, we all feel very fortunate to be on this patch of land and part of this large Being that is Gaia House, so grateful that we are able to take refuge here. And whatever form the house takes as it re-emerges, we hope our presence here tends to its soul for all who are touched by it.

May we be reunited before too long,
May you be well.

With Love and Appreciation,
The Gaia House Caretaker and Practice Community