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Home Practice Retreat with Catherine McGee

Join us in a four-day community home-practice retreat space

Sunday 29 March – Thursday 2 April

Catherine McGee will be offering a retreat online for all those who were registered for her cancelled course (Your Body, Buddha’s Body), and also for anyone who has a connection with the Insight Meditation tradition, who would like to join us in practising at home, together.

Where Can the Heart Find Rest? – Restoring and Opening Sacred Ground

We will contemplate and explore a variety of Dharma perspectives and practices. This will include training in embodied attention, practices of refuge, cultivating qualities of the heart, and engaging our capacity to open to and to meet what is ‘more than me.’

When our familiar conditions change more rapidly than we are used to and when uncertainty is more obvious, it is easy for the heart to spin. And, as you know, once we pause, we can practise: training our heart, training our mind, and training our body awareness to be able to open to more steadiness, kindness, and responsiveness.

If you would like to engage in a period of regular practice together with others, you are very welcome to join this home retreat.

We will include periods of instruction, guided practice, silence, being together as sangha, Dharma reflections, and optional speaking and listening exercises. It is possible to engage in this retreat either a bit more like a retreat at Gaia House or as a more open structured practice time, while still attending to other responsibilities at home.

Commitment level: If you wish to join this retreat, you will need to come to the first meeting on Sunday night at 6pm and also be able to attend the majority of the subsequent meetings. Click here to join us for the Sunday night opening meeting at 6pm.

On Sunday night Catherine will speak about how to make the most of a home retreat depending on your circumstances and how to set things up practically. She will orient us to the forms, practices and culture of this online Dharma community, and invite you to listen to and make your intentions for the days of practice. If you would like to, at this point in the meeting, you will be invited to register for the retreat by sharing your email address via Zoom or via an email address we will give you then. If you register, you will receive a new link for the rest of the retreat by email on Sunday night by 10pm. The new link will let you in to the first morning session on Monday 30 March and all of the subsequent meetings.

The retreat will only be open to those who have attended the first session and registered. It will not be possible to join the retreat after that.

Session times: (UK times – BST begins 1am Sunday 29 March)
Sunday 29 March: Opening meeting 6pm
Monday 30 March to Thursday 2 April meetings every day at: 9.30 am, 2.30pm, 6pm
Meetings will last between 60-90 minutes.

You will be able to offer dana to Catherine here.
And to Gaia House here. Please click on ‘make a one off donation’ and choose ‘General Fund’ from the dropdown list.
With thanks and appreciation for your generosity.