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Finding True Refuge in a Modern World

Finding True Refuge in a Modern World

In a world where so much is changing so fast, where can we find a place for our hearts to rest?

From one perspective, Insight Meditation and mindfulness can be seen as rational techniques, with benefits confirmed by science. From another perspective our practice can inspire in us a sense of the sacred, devotion to something larger than ourselves, resting on faith and bringing blessing to ourselves and the world.

How do we hold, practise and benefit from both these orientations and explore what relating to a sense of the sacred might look like in a modern context? Join us to explore timeless refuge and meaningfulness in today’s world, releasing the heart and mind from the endless search for home.

To join this retreat you need to have a regular meditation practice and a working familiarity with mindfulness practice.

-Camping places-
A limited number of camping places are available for this retreat at a reduced rate. It is not possible to book these online. Please contact our Reception team to enquire. Please note that we can only accommodate small one/two-person tents and each retreatant must have their own tent. Please be aware that if there is poor weather we may be unable to accommodate campers in the house.

CATHERINE McGEE has been teaching Insight Meditation at Gaia House and internationally since 1997. Her teaching emphasises embodiment and working with whatever hinders us from living our deepest knowing in the world. She is an advisor to One Earth Sangha and a long term student of the Diamond Approach.

Listen to one of Catherine McGee's Talks given at Gaia House on 09.08.2010: Intimacy and Non Attachment (Duration 51:37)

ANUSHKA FERNANDOPULLE has trained in Buddhist meditation for over 25 years, lives in San Francisco and teaches meditation around the globe. Her teaching is informed by nature, creative arts, political engagement, and modern urban life. She holds a BA from Harvard and MBA from Yale. For more info visit:

Retreat Code = 17149

C = special criteria, please read the retreat description carefully

Saturday 24 June 2017 - Saturday 1 July 2017 (7 nights)

Standard Rate:  £385 - Please pay this rate if you can
Supported Rate:  £327 - Available if the Standard Rate is too high for you
Sponsor Rate:     £462 - A benefactor rate, which helps others to come here on the Supported Rate
          For additional help with retreat costs, other options are available

Extending Your Retreat = £43 per night - Conditions apply - please see box

Retreat is Expired This is an old retreat and no longer available for booking.

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Price: £385.00