Volunteer information

‘Living Fearlessly with Change’: Volunteering information and resources:

There are literally thousands of volunteer opportunities in the UK (and beyond!), and thousands of people who would benefit from this offering. Below are some charities and organisations that offer these sorts of opportunities.

When looking for a role, bear in mind that you are looking for something that involves direct contact with the people you are supporting. Make sure that you are happy that the organisation is reputable, and that there are adequate support systems for volunteers (such as a contact person to discuss any difficulties, etc).

Most volunteering roles which involve direct contact with people, will require you to have a ‘Disclosure and Barring Service’ check  (DBS check). These can often take months to go through the system, so it’s important to leave plenty of time to organise your volunteering so that you have started, or will be ready to start, your volunteering at the beginning of the course (July 2019). Also bear in mind that there may be some training or induction you will need to do before starting to volunteer.

Volunteer Resources

  • There are local Volunteer Centres throughout the UK which usually have the most up-to-date information about volunteering in a local area. The NVCO website has a search facility to find your local Volunteer Centre.
  • do-it.org is a national volunteer organisation that lists volunteering opportunities with national charities like Macmillan Cancer Trust and Red Cross, and also lists opportunities with local hospices.
  • The Royal Voluntary Service is a national organisation that helps to organise volunteering with older people, especially those who are isolated, and also organises volunteering in hospitals.
  • Charities that advertise volunteer opportunities include www.redcross.org.uk, www.macmillan.org.uk , www.ageuk.org.uk, amongst many others. These usually advertise positions on the Do-it website, above.
  • If you would like to volunteer in a hospice, you can also simply contact your local hospice directly.