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Dharma fundraising events for Gaia House


Saturday, 6 February

6-8pm (UK time)

With Stephen Batchelor and Brad Warner

Buddhism, Reality, Zen and God

Discussion Panel

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We are delighted that Stephen Batchelor and Brad Warner will be offering events to help raise vital funds for the survival of Gaia House during these times.

Our patrons Stephen Batchelor and Christina Feldman have been instrumental to the flowering of Dharma in the West. Both teachers served on our Teacher Council for many years, supporting the growth and flourishing of Gaia House. Brad Warner was ordained a Zen Buddhist monk by Gudo Nishijima Roshi and is the founding teacher of Angel City Zen Center in Los Angeles, California. We are incredibly grateful to all three teachers for lending their support to help sustain Gaia House during this time of significant financial vulnerability.

We have consciously chosen not to specify a rate or suggested donation for these Dharma fundraising events. Instead, we are appealing to you to contribute to the events in the same spirit of great generosity with which Christina, Stephen and Brad are offering their teachings for the benefit of Gaia House. Reflecting on the value that Gaia House holds for you in your personal life, please offer your utmost financial support to ensure that Gaia House weathers the storm of these uncertain times and can resume its full array of Dharma offerings when the covid-19 pandemic is over.

Gaia House is a rare place in the world today — an important refuge for cultivating wholesome qualities and a more expansive heart in the face of suffering. With your collaboration as a sangha friend and donor, Gaia House will be able to continue to serve as a healing force in these challenging times and beyond.

Your gift will be put to immediate use, ensuring stewardship of the land, maintenance of our building, the continuation of our online offerings, and hopefully soon, more in-house and residential retreats.

Please scroll down to register and make your donation. We look forward to seeing you there!

In case you can’t make the live event, you are still welcome to register and make a donation – all those who register will be emailed a link to a recording of the event.


STEPHEN BATCHELOR is a translator, teacher, artist and writer known for his secular approach to the Dharma. A co-founder of Bodhi College, his books include Buddhism Without BeliefsLiving with the Devil, Confession of a Buddhist Atheist and After Buddhism. His most recent publication, The Art of Solitude, was published by Yale University Press in 2020. He lives in southwest France with his wife Martine.​



Photo o Dharma Teacher

BRAD WARNER is the author of Letters to a Dead Friend About Zen, Hardcore Zen, Sit Down and Shut Up, Don’t Be a Jerk, and several other books. He was ordained a Zen Buddhist monk by Gudo Nishijima Roshi. He grew up in Akron, Ohio and Nairobi, Kenya. He has practiced Zen for over 30 years. He plays bass in the hardcore punk band Zero Defex. For 11 years, he worked in Japan for the company founded by creator of Godzilla. He’s appeared in the film Zombie Bounty Hunter M.D. and there is a documentary about him titled Brad Warner’s Hardcore Zen.


Using Zoom

These online events will be hosted using the Zoom platform. For support with learning how to use Zoom, please click here to read the guidance notes we’ve put together.


If you have any questions regarding these events, please email info@gaiahouse.co.uk