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Fundraise for our Building Appeal


Thank you for supporting our Building Appeal. Every penny you raise will help ensure we can continue to deliver Gaia House’s transformative work now and into the future.

Whether you’re a first time fundraiser or an experienced event organiser, below you’ll find useful advice on how to plan and run your own fundraising event.

Planning your event

Decide on an activity

There are countless activities you could choose from and we encourage you to be creative to find the perfect fundraising activity for you. If you need some inspiration, you may like to browse the ideas below:

Sponsored challenges:
Bike, ramble, swim, row, run a marathon, do a parachute jump. Shave your head, beard or moustache or alternatively, grow a beard or moustache.
Give up a ‘vice’ for a period of time e.g. chocolate, coffee, Facebook!

Sell your surplus garden produce for a donation

Social events:
Host a coffee morning, afternoon tea, film or quiz night.

Dharma activity:
Organise a meditation day or sponsored sit.

Knit, busk or offer your gardening skills for a donation.

At work:
Organise a dress-down day, raffle, tombola, book or cake sale.

At home:
Clear out your unwanted items and hold a jumble / car boot sale. You can also sell items online using e-Bay for charity and donate a percentage of the sale price.

Tell us about it

Once you’ve decided on your fundraising activity, tell us what you’ve got planned by emailing or phoning Elena, our Communications Manager, so that we can support you along the way and send you any resources you may need: / 01626 323887.

Set up your fundraising page

At the moment we have an active crowdfunding campaign on You can add your fundraising page to ours as a fundraiser, so it makes it easy for your friends, family and colleagues to Gift Aid their donation – which means you’ll raise an extra 25p towards our Building Appeal for every pound donated.

Chuffed is a non-profit organisation and do not charge charities any fees.  This means Gaia House will receive 100% of any donations from your sponsors, including all the Gift Aid. Chuffed does ask for donations to the donors, but is optional.

If you would prefer to collect sponsorship offline (or alongside your online fundraising page), we can send you a Gaia House sponsorship form when you register your event with us.

Share and publicise your event

Share your online fundraising page with your friends, family and colleagues so people can sponsor you.

If you’re on Facebook you can post regular links to your fundraising page, along with photos and videos showing your progress. Tag us in your post @Gaia.House.UK and we’ll be able to share it on our page. Or Tweet us @GaiaHouseUK.

You may like to try contacting your local newspaper or radio station to promote your event. We recommend sending in a photo of yourself training or fundraising to boost your chances of being noticed and mentioned by the local press.


We have some useful resources to support you in your fundraising. Once you’ve let us know about what you’ve got planned, we can send you a Gaia House Building Appeal poster, some flyers and a sponsorship form if you need one.

Safety and the legal bit

We know this part isn’t much fun, but it’s important to be aware that charity fundraising is regulated by law, and that it’s your responsibility to ensure your fundraising event runs safely. We can’t accept liability for accidents or damage, even when that activity is run to raise money for Gaia House.

Depending on the activity you’re planning, you may need to carry out a risk assessment to ensure that everyone involved with your event stays safe, and arrange insurance cover. If you’re serving food, visit: (UK) for hygiene tips and regulations. You might also need a licence for an event, particularly if it’s late in the evening, on hired premises or involves alcohol. For raffles, tombolas and auctions you need to consider gambling restrictions as part of your planning.

Here is a list of six things you must check whether you need before your event goes ahead:

  1. Permission from the person, company or authority on whose land you’re conducting your event.
  2. Permits or licences, in accordance with your local authority’s regulations.
  3. Risk assessments – and have you told participants about any hazards or health requirements?
  4. Insurance for your event and its participants.
  5. Medical information for each participant, including an emergency contact and enough trained first-aiders for the size of your event.
  6. Our permission, if you’re thinking of using the Gaia House logo or images.

How to pay in your fundraising money

If you didn’t use an online fundraising page, or you have collected additional sponsorship money, you can pay it in online or post your cheques and sponsorship forms to:

Gaia House Building Appeal
Gaia House
West Ogwell
TQ12 6EW

Please make sure any cheques from you and your supporters are made payable to ‘Gaia House Trust’, and please don’t send cash in the post. Don’t forget to include your name and the name of the fundraising event so we know the money’s from you!

Don’t forget we’re here to help! 

Please contact Hannah with any questions or queries: / 01626 323887.

Other ways to support our appeal

Share your Gaia House story with us

When did you discover Gaia House? What does Gaia House mean to you? Why do you consider what Gaia House offers to be important?

If you would be willing to write a short testimonial about your connection to Gaia House, which you would be happy for us to use within our fundraising communications (anonymously if you prefer), please email Hannah on

Share our Building Appeal messages and images on Facebook and Twitter

It only takes a few seconds, and you’ll help us reach out to audiences who may not be familiar with Gaia House, and raise awareness of what Gaia House stands for. If you’re short on time it’s a great way to get involved with a cause you care about and you’ll be helping to ensure we can continue to deliver Gaia House’s transformative work now and into the future.

Do you work for or know people who work for or are involved with trusts or companies that might be able to make donations to our capital appeal?

If so, please email Michelle on and we will follow this up. It is so important that we explore every angle to ensure the success of this vital project and we would be delighted if you could let us know of any organisations that might be able to help us.


“I first came to Gaia House in the 1990s and have since then attended around 30 retreats. Each time I feel the benefits for many weeks afterwards, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of what is really most important in life. Gaia House offers people an extraordinary and rich opportunity to step out of the busyness of normal life, to savour the wonderful natural world around the house and to turn inwards, learning great lessons from the wisest of teachers.”

Ivan Hatvany

All profits from ‘What is This’ will be donated to the Building appeal.