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Lift Share Message Board

Gaia logoOffers and requests for lift share to Gaia House

Car Sharing or joining a Taxi Share from Newton Abbot train station helps to make your journey as carbon-neutral as possible.

Personal Safety:

  • This page is public and is used entirely at your own risk. 
  • It’s probably best not to put your phone number on this page  
  • We suggest you make initial contact by email
  • Gaia House cannot verify or take responsibility for messages or identities.

Please take steps to ensure that you are safe and that people are genuine before meeting or giving out personal information.

  • To offer or request sharing a lift, please leave a message below.
  • If attending a Group Retreat, please say which one and include the area you’re travelling from.
  • To send someone a direct email, click the Envelope Symbol at the top RHS of their message.

Returning from Gaia House:

  • On the last day of Group Retreats we have a session especially for organising lifts.
  • It is usually possible to get a lift to Newton Abbot train station.
  • At this time it is also possible to organise taxi shares.
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(61) David-Yehuda
Wed, 28 January 2015 15:37:53 +0000


I am looking for a lift to from London (18th Feb) and back (21st Feb). Able to give Dana and company.


(60) Frances
Tue, 27 January 2015 14:20:52 +0000

Hi, anyone driving to Gaia House next Thursday 5th Feb from London or Surrey? I'd love to get a lift & share costs. I'm based by Hampton Court but very happy to travel to where I could meet a lift. Kindest regards, Frances

(59) Katy Owen
Sun, 25 January 2015 11:27:04 +0000


I am travelling from London - Gaia House on 2nd April for the Practising Presence Touching the Still Heart & wondered whether anyone is driving and would like company for the journey & to share petrol costs.

I look forward to hearing from you.


(58) Polly Jackman
Fri, 23 January 2015 14:35:46 +0000

Hi all

I am attending the Insight Meditation and Yoga Retreat from 20th March to 25th March.

My train is arriving on 20th March at 15:41 at Newton Abbot Station. Will anyone be driving past at around this time? I am happy to wait and can contribute to the cost.

Thank you


(57) Maite
Fri, 23 January 2015 13:20:06 +0000


I'm attending the retreat Inner Listening from 31st Jan til 2nd Feb and would like to know if anyone is having a space in their car from London... obviously will participate to the travel costs.
Thanks, Kind Rgds, Maite

(56) Berit Lewis
Thu, 22 January 2015 21:19:35 +0000

I am going to the Meditation and Mindfulness in Daily Life retreat (24/2 - 1/3) I am arriving at Bristol Airport in the morning. Is there anybody going past there by any chance?
Many Thanks, Berit

(55) Richard Tennant-Eyles
Thu, 22 January 2015 12:26:18 +0000

I will be travelling from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire to the Meditation and Mindfulness in Daily Life retreat (24/2 - 1/3). I had planned to drive, but would be happy to join someone else, or provide a lift.


(54) Amanda Lewis Starks
Wed, 21 January 2015 17:22:52 +0000

Hi. I'm looking for a lift to the THIS BODY IS UNIVERSE Friday 23rd from Bath or surrounding area.
Or contact me of you're getting train down from here and we could share a taxi from Newton Abbot.

(53) Frankie
Wed, 21 January 2015 12:02:47 +0000

Is anyone driving from London to Gaia House on for the This Body is the Universe
on Friday 23/01/2015 and have a space in their car? Or if anyone is getting the train and wants to get a taxi from the train station please let me know what time you are getting there!

(52) Richard
Sun, 18 January 2015 11:45:57 +0000

18 JAN


I am looking for a lift from Newton Abbot (train station) to Gaia on 18 Jan.
Thank you if this is possible.


(51) Octavia
Sat, 17 January 2015 16:18:11 +0000

Hello everyone,

I'll be joining the 'The Body is the Universe' retreat next week (23-28 Jan) and I don't have a car. I was wondering if anyone else is considering getting the train and wants to share a lift, or even if anyone is driving. I'm coming from Yorkshire but , for example, if you were travelling from London I could get the train to there and meet. Let me know - I would gratefully appreciate any form of sharing!


(50) Kev Marchant
Fri, 16 January 2015 10:08:54 +0000

Hi, I'm going to the Contentment and Joyful Living retreat from 5-8th Feb. I'm driving from Hertfordshire (A1/M25/M4/M5) and happy to take someone and/or bring someone back en route. I only have a two-seater so one space available, please email me if you'd like a lift.


(49) Stéphane Nau
Wed, 14 January 2015 10:09:58 +0000

Hello !
I am attending Mindfulness Retreat From 24/02/2015 To 01/03/2015.
I am french, living in LILLE, and go there by car.
Any chance someone from Lille go to Gaia for this retreat and share the trip ?
Or maybe on the way... I did not check the way to go there.
Thanks in advance.

(48) Laura Neme
Tue, 13 January 2015 12:47:16 +0000


I'm going to Gaia House on Thursday 15th for a retreat. I'm looking for a lift from Newton Abbot to Gaia house.
If someone is driving in that direccion, please let me know. Otherwise, if some is interested in sharing a taxi.



(47) Joshana Guliani
Mon, 12 January 2015 12:06:22 +0000


I am driving from Oxford to Gaia House on Thursday 5th February and returning to Oxford on Sunday 8th.
There are 3 spaces available in the car.

Best Wishes,



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